According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans should reduce waste by reusing materials used daily.  Here at 2nd Chance Pallets we try our best to reduce wooden pallets from occupying our landfills.  We allow our customers the opportunity to do their part in reducing global waste by using our strongly refurbished wooden pallets. 

Our Eco-Friendly refurbished pallets, which we highly recommend, are thoroughly inspected to assure it's strength.  We replace any broken or cracked stringers or boards on the pallet.  We recover thousands of pallets in good condition and ready to be put back in circulation.  If we find the pallet is too damaged and we believe it will not hold up to our customer's satisfaction, we dismantle it and keep the good stringers and boards to be used to repair other refurbished pallets. 

Recycling and reusing these pallets contributes to preserving our forests and the different ecosystems and inhabitants populating them.  Every refurbished pallet we use is one step towards protecting our planet and natural resources. 

If you're saving money while saving the environment why not try recycled/refurbished pallets?

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