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On Friday January 12th, 2018, Eric George from 2nd Chance Pallets (2CP) was asked to be the keynote speaker for the Fort Worth MHMR Step-Up group http://www.mhmrtc.org/About-Us/About-Us.  At that meeting, Eric explained how the name 2nd Chance Pallets came into being, and how it's really about the people, not just the wood.  He mentioned we all need 2nd chances, and anyone who was really ready for theirs, 2CP would be there to help them.  After he was done speaking, there was a very bright man in the back who was asking probing questions and paraphrasing what Eric had said.  He was clearly someone special.  By the end of the discussion, the man identified himself as Jo vaughn Johnson, a previous employee 4 years earlier.  He told his story of how he had just gotten out of jail and needed to find work.  He had decided for his family he needed to do life differently. 

Jo vaughn told the story that as he passed by the 2CP shop, he noticed the "Now Hiring" sign.  He thought, "what do I have to lose?"  He dialed the number on the sign and asked if we were hiring, and could he stop by.  After stopping by and meeting the 2CP leadership, he felt he should mention his conviction and that he was on parole.  Our only question was, "Are you ready for a 2nd chance?"  He said, "yes".  Man, was he.  Jo vaughn worked for us for a few months to get back on his feet.  He then went on to do other things.  Jo vaughn is now a certified MHMR counselor helping those in need.  He is mentoring several and is making a huge impact for the greater good.  He is exactly why we are called 2nd Chance Pallets.