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We are a complete pallet and crate  management company that uses ingenuity, creativity, and a hard work ethic to deliver the finest products to our clients.  Our name 2nd Chance has a double meaning.  For the recycled side of our business, it is giving the wood a 2nd chance to keep out of the thousands of acres of landfill. More importantly, our name is about the people.  its giving well deserving, hardworking individuals a 2nd chance to do something great with their lives.  We highly value giving people a 2nd Chance.  We highly value our relationships, and are extremely committed to those within our client base. 

Our knowledgeable staff has over 25 years of experience in production and team management.  We foster a culture of continuous improvement and lean management principles.  We understand the importance of having a long lasting, reliable relationship with our clients, and our goal is to fill every order in a timely matter while delivering a product that stands out from our competitors. 

We provide clients with the option of having a custom pallet or crate built to the dimension they specify using new, recycled, or a combination of new and recycled wood.  Having experienced management gives 2nd Chance Pallets the ability to go above and beyond to satisfy our clients needs.   

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  • ISPM 15 Compliant (Export)
  • Heat Treating (HT) Services - Kiln Onsite
  • New HT & Non-HT Pallets and Crates 
  • Pallets Designed & Created to Spec.
  • Heat Treating Services - Kiln Onsite
  • Remanufactured Pallets from Reclaimed Wood
  • Banded New Lumber for Sale in Many Sizes
  • Rustic & Craft Wood Sales
  • Pallet Buyback Program
  • Delivery & Transportation